Hey, I’m Sam

I guess this is what blogging is – by that I mean being on your computer well past the normal teenager’s bedtime, racking your brain for ideas to write about. It’s interesting how addicted I already am before I’ve even made one post. But hey, it’s fun I guess so I’ll give it a try.

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet, so who knows what the mysterious Sam Hodge of the future will be like. As for now, I’ll tell you what he’s like today. My name is Samuel Thomas Hodge and I was born into a “normal” family in Mason, Ohio (more commonly known as the place near Kings Island) over 17 years ago. My mom, dad, two sisters and myself all live in our white house that we’ve inhabited for almost 14 years. I like to think of myself as a leader in the things I involve myself in. I’m a member of both Student Government and National Honor Society at my school and a teammate on two soccer teams and a Destination Imagination team. All of these activities have impacted my life in incredibly positive ways, which I’m sure to tell you about as I gain my footing with this whole blogging world. I invest myself in school and my studies and enjoy being taught by people who love their job. I like to write short stories, poems, and thoughts out on paper as stress relief and you can expect to see some of them on here occasionally. Faith, family, and friends are huge in my life…and I guess if I was going to add in another ‘f’ word I’d say food like every other teenage guy out there. My favorite food is my mom’s vegetable soup, just in case you were wondering. It’s really, really good. I was about to begin writing about my brown eyes and brown hair, but I guess when it gets to that point I can assume I’ve run out of things to tell you. Stay posted though, hopefully my posts pick up on the pieces I’ve left out and explain the ones I’ve included.



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