19 Things About Me: Day 1

day 1It’s Day 1 of 2015. I thought it would be cool to keep track of where I am throughout this year because 2015 is going to be quite the year. I turn 19 this year, so I figure 19 things about me is pretty fitting. So without further adieu, here’s the first 19:

1. I’m 18, an official adult that occasionally acts like a child.

2. I’m a Senior in high school, senioritis has hit me, but the fact that I’m going to college hasn’t.

3. I’m a Christian, not perfect, still searching for answers, and hoping to grow myself and others in faith this year.

4. Contrary to popular belief, this past Christmas season I went to Awaited 4 times, not 25.

5. I have never left the Eastern United States, but I’m going to Italy and Greece this Summer. I’m excited for the pizza and the Pope.

6. I’ve never had a job, but hope to get one soon. I plan to “make it rain.”

7. I enjoy The Fray, OneRepublic, and Twenty One Pilots, but honestly I’ll listen to anything that sounds cool.

8. I have amazing friends. Not much more to say about them, they know they’re awesome. I love you guys.

9. I have an incredible, close-knit family that I can talk to about anything. I love you guys too.

10. I am and have been single all four years of high school. There might be an award for this.

11. I want to meet people this year. I’ll sit down and have coffee or ice cream (or coffee ice cream) (YUM!) with anyone who asks.

12. I pledge to be less stressed and less confused this year. Prayer should help with that.

13. I don’t think I’ve worn sweatpants to school once this year, although there’s a direct correlation between senioritis and wearing sweatpants so we’ll see if that keeps up.

14. College is both terrifying and exciting. I love and hate the idea of being on my own for the first time.

15. I’m not really sure if I’m an introvert or extrovert, I’m just occasionally socially awkward and occasionally the life of the party.

16. I thought I was going south for college for 4 years; now OSU is my top choice. Go Bucks!

17. I like to write, but haven’t had a lot of time to do that this past year. Here’s hoping this blog helps out with that.

18. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth [again]. No seriously, I’m missing two of my front teeth. Surgeries start this year. Yay!

19. This year is super weird for me. I know what’s going on for the first half and have no idea what’s happening the second. Stay tuned for more, friends!

God Bless and Happy New Year,



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