I’ve been trying to figure out when to write a post like this and if a post like this is really necessary. Today I decided that yes, it is necessary, and today is the day.

Over the past three years I’ve talked to many people about their struggle with suicide. I’ve heard numerous stories of suicide attempts – both of those who didn’t make it and those that have a second chance to live – that break my heart. I’ve also realized how easy it is to overlook depression and bipolar disorder. Personally, I’ve never neared the point of wanting to end my life nor can I say that I suffer from depression or bipolar disorder, but what I can say is that those dark thoughts consume more people than a lot of us think.

And that needs to change.

For those of you reading this that are in a situation that seems unbeatable, dark, and inescapable, below is a list of 50 reasons that might help you beat those thoughts for today.

1. That one good friend

2. That one good family member

3. Your pet or the pet you plan to get in the future

4. Your significant other (boyfriend or girlfriend)

5. The clean smell everything has after it rains

6. When the leaves change colors in the Fall

7. Long walks on the beach

8. The feeling of sun on your face in the summer

9. Running into friends you haven’t seen in forever

10. Becoming friends with someone

11. Looking at the stars in a place where you can actually see all the stars

12. Late night conversations when you have to get up early the next day

13. Christmas seasons, lights, songs, spirit

14. The sunset

15. Holding hands

16. Pay day

17. Birthdays

18. Finally going to a place you’ve only heard about or seen pictures of

19. The idea of getting married someday

20. Having someone say that you’ve changed their life

21. Finding money you forgot about

23. A good hug – not a weak, awkward short hug, a real, good hug

24. Your favorite teacher or class

25. Laughing until you cry

26. Smiling until your face hurts

27. Fangirling (or fanboying if that’s a thing) over celebrities

28. Good blog posts

29. Reading your favorite book – again, and again, and again

30. Making a list of your favorite movies and taking a day to watch them all

31. That feeling after getting a haircut

32. When a baby holds your finger

33. Your favorite homemade meal (or favorite restaurant meal for that matter, all food is good)

34. Spontaneous adventures

35. Freshly cleaned, warm sheets

36. “Liking” someone

37. Loving someone

38. Discovering your purpose

39. Breaking habits and/or addictions

40. Getting 12 or more hours of sleep

41. Kissing

42. Your kids

43. Achieving a goal you set for yourself

44. The people you might meet tomorrow

45. Stretching after you wake up

46. Taking deep breaths

47. Dancing

48. Going on a hiking trip by yourself

49. Being able to tell someone “I made it, so can you.”

50. Jeremiah 29:11

For those of you reading this that know someone in that situation, if you can, be there for them. If you can’t handle that weight, encourage them to find someone who can and give them options (see the note at the bottom). Check in on them and don’t be bothered by their texts, questions, or phone calls. Have a person you can open up to and vent to for yourself. Pray. Pray. Pray.

For those of you reading this that don’t know someone in that situation – that can be good. It might mean that you’re a pretty great friend, sibling, teammate, teacher, etc. to the people around you. I would encourage you to genuinely invest in other people. God has placed you in a bright spot in your life and He’s looking for you to spread that light onto other people. Ask people how they’re doing and double check. Sit and have coffee with someone and talk about life and things they’re going through. Build people up and love them unconditionally, you could be saving someone’s life and not even know it.

Lastly, if anyone ever needs to talk about any difficult time they’re going through I’m here. Open mind, open heart, and open ears are guaranteed regardless of who you are. Your life is more important than any predisposed idea that me or anyone else has of you. Big problems or small problems; text me, talk to me, DM me, call me. Just know someone cares and don’t be afraid to


God Bless,


Important Note: this is what is considered a living post and is updated nearly every time it is reposted. Depression and bipolar are very scary and very real things and constantly affect millions of people every single day – but there are ways to fight back against them. I encourage you to further the discussion. If you are ever in need or have a friend in need, please contact the suicide prevention hotline run by The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance at 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK). They have 24-hour support whether you need to know what to do or just need someone to talk to.

God bless and keep your heads held high because YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made and abundantly loved by the Creator of the universe, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, and Father of all Creation.


5 thoughts on “#Talk

  1. Thank you. Depression is extremely passed by. People push it aside and ignore the people who are dealing with it. There are so SO so many people struggling every day. Every day is an enormous struggle for some, they find themselves completely drained of hope and strength. This is a voice against that, this writing shows that people from the outside can still help even if they don’t relate personally.

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