Lessons Learned 2: College Edition


When I left for Europe over the summer I kept track of lessons I learned in that new, different experience and shared them in my post Lessons Learned and I decided it would be cool to do that for college too. I thought it may be good to update the folks back home and my friends that are spread out across the country in their new homes for the next few years too. It would be too simple for me to say that college has been an amazing experience. I’ve grown immensely more in the past two months than I ever thought I would when I left my Mason, Ohio home for the first time in 19 years. Here are a few lessons that college has taught me so far along from this time in C-Bus:

  1. I have an amazing, loving, and incredible family behind me.
  2. No one actually knows what they’re doing with their lives.
  3. Not everyone drinks in college and it’s completely cool if you don’t want to.
  4. There are about a million intelligent and well-rounded people on campus at every given moment.
  5. All of those intelligent and well-rounded people on campus are searching for friends just like you are.
  6. You are one of those million intelligent and well-rounded people on campus.
  7. Your education is on you, not the teacher that gives lectures to over 450 people.
  8. Sleep is hard to get the first few nights – budget yourself.
  9. Find alone time – people are everywhere all the time.
  10. Identity is what we try to make ourselves in a society that tries to make us.
  11. Freshman Fifteen is a myth when you walk over 6 miles per day on average outside of exercising.
  12. Check the syllabus. Always. Period.
  13. Undecided is not a bad way to enter college regardless of what ANYONE tells you.
  14. I live to help other people.
  15. I am an ENFJ, just like Ronald Reagan and King David which is neat.
  16. Twenty One Pilots are even better live.
  17. Don’t take trees and grass and gardens for granted – you will miss them if you move to a city.
  18. The Scarlet-14 meal plan is a rip-off. You physically cannot eat that much.
  19. Friendships take effort and you can choose who you hang out with.
  20. No one knows your past unless you choose to tell them.
  21. God is completely and utterly evident everywhere on a college campus. Look for Him.
  22. People actually do accept the love that they think they deserve – just in case Perks didn’t tell you that already.
  23. It’s cool to be an introvert in college if that’s who you are. Or an extrovert. Or just a vert. This is your time.
  24. High school football games are awkward to attend as a college student.
  25. Don’t forget the people that helped you get to where you are right now.
  26. Value your worship time when you get it. It can be hard to come by.
  27. Small groups are the bomb. Find some mentors and friends that can motivate you to keep your eyes on God.
  28. My sleep pattern is absolutely terrible (hence why I’m writing this at 3AM).
  29. You probably won’t wake up to finish that assignment before your class, so you might as well do it now.
  30. Carmen Ohio.
  31. The other song about that state up north.
  32. Be open-minded to people, but figure out who you are too.
  33. You will figure out who you are.
  34. My top five strengths are connectedness, learning, responsibility, positivity, and individualization.
  36. Don’t judge people based on the first week of college – no one is comfortable that week.
  37. Go do something spontaneous one night and stay up a little later than you should.
  38. People matter, take care of them.
  39. You are a person too. You matter, take care of yourself.
  40. Apparently I have an odd resemblance to Fix-It Felix.
  41. College might move you from a stage of sharing your faith back to a stage of relearning your faith and finding God in your new home. Don’t let it catch you off guard, He’s there waiting for you.
  42. You will either bring too much or too little to college, either way you will never bring everything you need.
  43. I can learn about God from people who don’t follow Jesus.
  44. Another person cannot make you feel whole and complete and fixed.
  45. Talk about how you’re feeling. Don’t bottle it up until you explode. You’ll be surprised how many others feel the same way.
  46. I want to do something towards ending sex trafficking because it’s disgusting and makes my heart hurt.
  47. Every single person deserves love regardless of who they are or what flaws they might think they have.
  48. There is a definite, undeniable difference between lust and love.
  49. God uses your sins and brokenness to orchestrate His perfect plan. Even when Satan thinks he has the upper hand, God will never fail you.
  50. God will never abandon or forsake you. We lie to ourselves and tell ourselves He isn’t with us in the bad times, but He’s there. Keep holding on to Him.
  51. Good friendships are mutually sacrificial and transparent.
  52. Your spiritual well-being (soul) is more important than your educational, bodily, and social well-being.
  53. If you don’t take care yourself, no one is there to hold you accountable except yourself.
  54. “To be a witness does not consist in engaging in propaganda nor even in stirring people up, but in living a mystery. It means to live in such a way that one’s life would not make sense if God did not exist.” -Cardinal Suhard.
  55. My heart is set in paradise and though I can’t wait to get there, I rejoice in the fact that I have the chance to help others come too.
  56. If God opens the door, give the room a look.
  57. There is still a stigma surrounding talking about mental health issues that needs to end.
  58. Ask God to break your heart for what breaks His. Allow yourself to feel God’s pain for the brokenness He sees in the world and begin fixing those areas of brokenness with His help.
  59. If you let people see your raw self, you’ll connect better with people. Stop letting fear of rejection get in the way.
  60. God satisfies everything.

Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for more Lessons Learned in the future. I hope this was somewhat helpful or inspirational in a small way for you and your circumstance. I pray God has met you where you are and that things have finally settled into place in your new homes. Stay connected, give me a call or a DM or a text or a birdcall if you ever want to chat or just say hi. I wish you all the best!

God Bless,



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