SpringHill 2016

This summer I spent six weeks as a Crew Chief (or camp counselor) at SpringHill Camp in Seymour, Indiana. I had the privilege of sharing and learning about God alongside roughly 400-500 students and 200 staff members each week. Specifically, I was placed in the Teen Service Team (TST) Team B and worked with freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school. My work consisted of zip lining, tie-dying, blobbing, base jumping, rifle shooting, water sliding, trapezing, high roping, rock climbing, et cetera for half of the day and serving the 1st through 8th grade students in the dining hall for the rest of the day. Throughout each day we were given chances for discipleship, devotionals, and testimony sharing as well.

I wanted to share some thanks to some people as well as some things I’ve learned while working at SpringHill:

First, I want to thank the staff and counselors at SpringHill. I loved having this chance to live and grow in faith with so many brothers and sisters in Christ. Whether it was at Higher Ground and Sunday Worship or even in the random conversations at the dining hall, God’s joy and peace and love was so evident in each and every one of you. You all taught me how to worship without fear, how to pray boldly, and how to live each day overflowing the joy of the Lord.

Second, to the campers: you all are incredible. Through you I had the chance to see at least one person on every possible step with their walk with God. You all gave me the encouragement I needed to teach and pursue a career in ministry. Each of you gave me insight on how to love people on every step of their journey. You taught me the importance of dabbing and dad jokes and the importance of service while we worked and joked around in the dining hall for seemingly endless hours. Thank you for listening to how God worked in my life and continues to work in my life and for sharing your own testimonies with me. Thank you for the difficult questions and for singing along to camp songs and Twenty One Pilots at the top of your lungs.

Third, thanks to my friends and family that checked in on me throughout the whole experience. Thanks to those that prayed for me and for my campers and other staff members. Thanks for being supportive and showing the love of Christ through your phone calls and text messages and comments. Thanks for asking me how I was doing and for keeping me updated on the things I was missing back home. You all are the absolute best and I’m beyond thankful for God putting you in my life.

This summer I saw people come to Christ. I saw complete surrender. I completely surrendered. I saw people delivered from the saddest, scariest circumstances through miracles. I saw Christ defeat demons. I found peace in reading the word and learning its ins and outs. I cried a lot. I cried some more. I laughed a lot more than I cried. I prayed a lot more than I laughed and cried combined. I heard God’s voice through people, through scripture, through prayer, through experiences. I shared a spoken word and sang in front of a large group of people for the first time in my life. I lived without any worry. I fell to my knees during worship and sang songs about Ninja Archers. I enjoyed freezing cold showers and walking in the rain. I washed feet and had my feet washed. I hugged a lot of people. I made friends. I made brothers and sisters in Christ. I shared the gospel. I learned full reliance. I learned what it meant to be a vessel.

Through Christ and Christ alone I experienced all of this and so much more. Through Christ and Christ alone I was redeemed and restored and revived. Through Christ and Christ alone I surrendered the rest of my life and let me tell you, friends, it has been the greatest six weeks of my life because of it.

Thanks SpringHill for sharing the Good News since 196-freaking-9.

If you’re reading this and you’re at all curious – please let me tell you more about this experience and more about God.

You are so loved. You are so cherished.

 For another look into the summer as a counselor check out this video made by the Production squad: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qLfPhnZGgXg
God Bless,



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