May Prayer Update


Hey there ministry partner!

I am officially in Slovenia! I’m writing this from my 3rd floor apartment in Ljubljana. I just woke up from a jet-lag nap and I’m feeling pretty great. The weather here has been a consistent 75-80 degrees and I’m loving every second of it. Here are a few things I’ve seen and done so far:

1) Eaten lots and lots of gelato

2) Climbed a mountain

3) Visited Detroit and Minneapolis (connecting flights)

4) Tried horse meat for the first time (it’s pretty good)

5) Started taking pictures of dogs to compile into an album called “Slo Buddies”


The trip has already gotten off to a great start spiritually too. Here are a few stories and prayer requests:

1) Yesterday our team spent their first day on the campus in Ljubljana. I was placed at the Medical College and started conversations with about 8 people. It was extremely interesting to hear stories about what spiritual life is like in Slovenia. Please pray for those that we were able to speak with and their hearts to be softened to hear and accept the gospel.

2) I had the chance to share the gospel with someone staying in our hostel last night. His name was Rodrigo. Rodrigo was originally from Brazil and worked for Microsoft in Brazil and Italy. He decided to give up that job and go on a hitchhiking trip from France to Vietnam. He told us stories about climbing the Alps, staying in a monastery, and getting rides from gypsies. Needless to say, he was a very cool guy. Please pray for Rodrigo and for safety on his travels. Pray that he could be given wisdom and understanding to comprehend what sin is and how the meaning and purpose of the resurrection applies to his life.

3) The Cru STINT and Staff team here in Slovenia is preparing for this upcoming year and some of the staff members are headed home to the US to start support raising. Please have them in your prayers for financial support and safety along the way.

4) Please pray for the mission team. Pray we could develop into deep Christian fellowship and chase God together as a whole. Pray that we could address one another with compassion and grace in any circumstance. Pray that we could love one another well and see how He pursues each of us. Pray for lifelong, Christ-centered friendships to be built.

5) Pray for discipleship and learning. Pray that as we start our lessons in scripture and reading that we could come to better understandings of God and His character. Pray that we could develop more firm foundations in the Word of God as we read and pick apart 2 Timothy and Reason for God by Tim Keller. Pray that our discipleship times would be fruitful and grow our faith to new, unthinkable heights.


Personally, there are a few things I would love to have prayer for while I’m in Slovenia. Here are a few:

1) To gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the gospel and how it applies to my life every day.

2) To be consistent and constant in my pursuit of God and being in His word every day.

3) Completing the bible studies he has placed on my heart to do these next six weeks.

4) Building deep fellowship with other people on this trip.

5) Overcoming my own fear and pride in order to have a boldness to share my faith with the students here in Slovenia.

Thank you all so much for your prayer and support. It means the world to me and my team. I will send more updates as the trip goes on!


God Bless,




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