Slovenia 6/18 Prayer Update

Hey there ministry partners!

It has been a crazy two weeks of ministry since I last gave you all an update. Here are a few ways you can be praying for me and the team while we’re here for two more weeks:

  1. This past week we reached out to roughly 10 local high schools in Ljubljana to invite students to the English Speaking Camp hosted by the ministry over here. Pray that students would not be held back from coming to camp, learning English, and hearing the gospel for an entire week. Also pray that doors could be opened up to partnering with different high schools across the city through the camp this year.
  2. Pray that myself and the rest of the team could be good stewards of our positions as camp counselors for the week next week at Speak Out Camp. This camp will give us the chance to really develop relationships with high school students from across Slovenia. Please pray that we could endure, persevere, and share openly with these students.
  3. Pray for students in Ljubljana that we have talked to these past two weeks. Specifically be praying for Lana, Peter, Lejla, Nina, and Adna who I had the privilege of talking to. These three were extremely open to sharing their viewpoints on America, English, faith, religion, and God and were extremely encouraging and refreshing people to talk to. Please pray each of them could hear and experience the gospel fully in their own lives.
  4. Pray for community amongst our team here in Slovenia. Pray that we could continue to go deep, encourage, be vulnerable, invest in, and grow with one another. Pray that our community would be like a city set on a hill and a light that cannot be covered; one that is attractive and inspiring to people that see the way we interact with one another.
  5. For me personally pray for alone time with the Lord and for perseverance for these last couple weeks in Slovenia. The spiritual climate here can easily be draining and it is hard to see the fruits of the labor being done here. Pray I could faithfully continue sharing in confidence and boldness of the gospel. Pray that fruits could be seen in these next two weeks and that Slovene students would come to know the Lord. Pray that I could “strengthen myself in the Lord my God” and fight for alone time with Him. Pray I could rest in the assurance that Slovenia is where God has me with purpose, for a reason.
  6. Pray that our team could continue to learn from Tim Keller’s The Reason for God. We have learned a lot about Clues for God and reasons why we cannot claim that every religion is correct. So far, the apologetics have been encouraging and useful in conversations. Pray we could learn from Tim Keller’s example in evangelism by asking questions, not pursuing arguments. Pray that this reading would continue to be useful and fruitful.
  7. Pray we could continue growing from reading 2 Timothy each day. Pray that we could lean into the wisdom of Paul in his encouragement to Timothy. Pray that we could dive deeper into the scriptural truths that 2 Timothy has in just 4 short chapters.
  8. Pray I could remain in awe of Slovenia. It is easy to become numb and habituated to living in this beautiful place. Please pray that I would not lose the sense of awe and wonder when traveling across this country. I don’t want to forget the goodness of God, the creator, as I look at the mountains, cities, castles, lakes, oceans, and everything in between these next few weeks.
  9. Pray for my family back home in the States. Pray for Em as she gets ready to move to India for a year. Pray for my parents as they have two kids leaving the country for the gospel. Pray for Anna to continue growing deeper in her faith. Pray for continued healing, comfort, peace, prosperity, and love to overflow from my family.
  10. Pray for discernment for my future. Since being in Slovenia, the Lord has brought to my attention so many important decisions that are going to need to be made in this upcoming year. Please pray I could set my focus on Him and Him alone when taking each step He calls me to take. Pray that I could take these steps in confidence, not out of fear and not being held back by fear.
  11. Pray that I could not be held back by my own sinfulness and that I would let God repair my brokenness. Pray that I could accept His grace and mercy openly and that I could show that same grace and mercy to others. Pray that my pride and desire to impress others would not hinder building community and/or this mission. Pray that God would build in me a humble heart and a heart that deeply knows His incredible love for me.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I’m blessed to have each of you on this team and I’m honored to call you brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for the assurance I have in sharing each of these requests with you, knowing well that each of you can and will prayerfully bring them before God. It’s amazing to know that God is using your prayer in powerful ways from thousands of miles away. Thank you, team.

God Bless,



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