Being Still

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God,” but how exactly do we be still? If you’re frustrated with quiet times or looking for a new perspective on getting to know God, this may be the read you’ve been looking for.


Christmas: Becoming a Child of God

The birth of Christ applies to our lives more than any of us often think. Take a moment to read the words of John and consider how God invites you into His family this Christmas season.

Running from God: Jesus as a Better Jonah

How similar are we to Jonah? How often do we run from God? How often do we think we deserve to go to heaven and are good enough on our own accord? How often do we feel mistreated by God in our affliction rather than rejoice in the work God is doing through us? How often do we even desire death more than life as if death is what bears peace and joy and satisfaction and the only thing life can bear is suffering? How often do we want to die rather than put sin to death? How often do we desire deceitful, fleeting comfort rather than ultimate, everlasting goodness? How often do we believe the world is for us and God is against us? How often are we similar Jonah?